Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work 


$40 an hour, horses provided or use your own!


Videos are randomely posted on YouTube showing progress made by your horse so you can be up to date on his training. Videos are posted at:

Halter breaking/gentleing - case by case

30 , 60 or 90 days- $550 per 30 day session

*fees listed are a general price, additions or exceptions on a case by case basis

Every horse learns at a different pace, but basics are as follows:

 What you can expect from 30 days training of a previously unridden horse:

The horse can be ridden at a walk, trot and canter on command in the round pen. In the initial 30 days the horse will understand backing up, turning and stopping cues, as well as begining to give to pressure and bending. A horse with 30 days training is still unpredictable and not considered a “seasoned” horse and could very well still be capable of bucking, spooking and picking up bad habits if the rider is not experienced with young horses.  The progress of each horse will vary depending on its temperament, maturity and breeding.

 What you can expect from 60 days training:

The second month the horse will continue perfecting the skills learned in the first 30 days.  Repetition is the key for the young horse to grasp the solid groundwork necessary to move on to more complex maneuvers in the future.

The horse begins riding outside the round pen and focus on whatever discipline intended.

What you can expect from 90 days Training:

The third month of training, again, focuses on reinforcing all the training in the first 60 days.  The more riding a young horse gets, the less likely his training will become “undone”. 


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